Pearl Care

Pearls should be put on after hair, makeup and perfume have set. Pearls are porous and mainly comprised of calcium carbonate. Thus, the nacre is quite delicate and is susceptible to decomposition when exposed to chemicals.

Wipe pearls with a gentle, non-abrasive cloth after each wear. When worn against the skin, pearls are exposed to impurities such as moisture, cream/lotion, perfume and other residue.

Refresh pearls by washing them with a mild soap and tepid water. Do not hang to dry as it will stretch the thread. Instead, lay them on a towel to air dry.

Pearls should not be placed in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Store pearls in a soft pouch. This prevents contact with other jewellery that may scratch the pearls.

If storing pearls in a safety deposit box, place a vile of distilled water alongside them. This is will provide moisture to the pearls as this type of environment has a tendency to be dry.