Button, Grey

Buttons are an excellent alternative to rounds. Also known as 3/4 pearls, these generally have a round top-view with a flat base and are a fraction of the price of rounds. Our button pearls are of the highest quality and have been half-drilled, paired and gently adhered to a card.

MM Size Cut Quality Pair/Card (Price/Pair) Price
6.0-6.5 half-drilled E 56
6.5-7.0 half-drilled E 52
7.0-7.5 half-drilled E 48
7.5-8.0 half-drilled E 30
8.0-8.5 half-drilled E 30
10.0-10.5 half-drilled E 27
13.0-14.0 half-drilled G 12

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